Turf Artificial Grass and Plants in Metro Manila: Transforming Urban Landscapes

In the heart of Metro Manila, a revolutionary trend is reshaping urban landscapes – the widespread adoption of artificial grass. Among the key players in this green revolution is Turf +, the leading supplier of artificial grass and plants in the Philippines. In this blog post, we’ll explore the myriad benefits of artificial grass, the unique features offered by Turf +, and how this innovative landscaping solution is making its mark in the bustling cityscape.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Low Maintenance, High Impact

Say goodbye to the tedious chores of mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn. With artificial grass from Turf +, these tasks become a thing of the past. Not only does this save you time, but it also translates into substantial savings on your water bills. The low maintenance requirements make artificial grass an ideal choice for busy urban dwellers looking to enjoy a green and lush environment without the hassle.

Real Estate Value Enhancement

Investing in artificial grass isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a savvy move that can significantly enhance your property’s value. The vibrant and consistently green appearance of artificial grass adds curb appeal, making your outdoor spaces more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Aesthetics and Modern Appeal

Turf + artificial grass isn’t just a substitute for natural grass; it’s a design element that elevates the aesthetics of any space. Its modern appeal complements contemporary architecture, creating a visually striking contrast. The lush greenery brings a touch of nature to urban environments, fostering a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Easy Installation and Durability

Installing Turf + artificial grass is a breeze. Whether you’re covering a small backyard or a vast commercial space, the process is efficient and hassle-free. The durability of the product ensures that your investment pays off over the years, maintaining its vibrant look without fading or wearing down.

Product Features

At Turf +, quality is paramount. Our artificial grass comes with a range of features that set it apart:

  • UV-Defending Character: Our artificial grass is designed to withstand the harsh sunlight of Metro Manila, ensuring it stays vibrant and green even under the blazing sun.
  • Lead-Free and Toxic-Free: We prioritize the safety of our customers. Our artificial grass is free from harmful substances like lead, making it safe for children and pets to play on.
  • Health Protector: Beyond its visual appeal, our artificial grass contributes to a healthier environment. It minimizes allergens and provides a clean and safe surface for recreational activities.

Turf + Projects Showcase

Cozy Reef Resort, San Luis Batangas

One of our standout projects is the Cozy Reef Resort in San Luis, Batangas. The transformation from a traditional landscape to a lush, maintenance-free green space has garnered praise from visitors and locals alike. The vibrant greenery surrounding the resort not only enhances its aesthetic charm but also reflects our commitment to providing top-notch landscaping solutions.

Available Roll Sizes

Finding the perfect fit for your space is easy with Turf +. Our artificial grass is available in various roll sizes:

  • 2 meters X 5 meters
  • 2 meters X 10 meters
  • 2 meters X 15 meters
  • 2 meters X 20 meters

Whether you’re working on a small balcony or a sprawling garden, we have the right size to meet your needs. Customization options are also available for specific requirements.

Metro Manila Landscaping Trends

Metro Manila is witnessing a shift in landscaping trends, with a growing emphasis on creating green spaces within the urban jungle. Artificial grass perfectly aligns with this trend, offering an efficient and visually pleasing solution for incorporating greenery into limited spaces. As urban dwellers yearn for a connection to nature, artificial grass emerges as a practical choice for bringing the outdoors in.


Turf + offers more than just artificial grass; it provides a transformative solution for urban landscaping in Metro Manila. With its low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and commitment to quality, Turf + is redefining how we perceive and design our outdoor spaces. Take the leap towards a greener and more vibrant environment by exploring the possibilities that Turf + artificial grass brings to your doorstep.

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